Programming of Sarah Northway, Web Developer

Sarah Collins
Whoami Programming Webdesign Resume

Recently I've been developing games using AS3 and JAVA. I like Flash because it's ui-centric, widely adopted, easy for new programmers to learn, and accessible to a wide range of players.

Word Up Dog

Flash word game, also coming soon to iOS. I did the design, programming and art.


Flash strategy game set in the Zombiepocalypse. My first solo game, I did the design, programming and art. Hugely popular on flash portals like Kongregate and ArmorGames.

Puzzle Pirates

MMORPG developed by Three Rings Design in Java. I worked on the web components and billing system.


Virtual world and gaming portal developed by Three Rings Design in Flash, GWT, Java. I worked on various components including UIs in Google Web Toolkit, analytics tracking, some games and other content.

Beeble World MMORPG

Personal gaming project and sandbox for new technologies and programming techniques. Players explore a virtual world populated by live users and offline players' AI-controlled avatars. Movement is turn-based; events and combat are handled with verbose decision trees. Flash ActionScript interface features custom vector graphics. Server written in Java servlets on my MySQL database. Rich AJAX admin and world creation tools written in JSP.

Workers Advisers Office Online System

Web-based worker safety case management application for use by the BC Ministry of Labour; based on ASP.NET 2.0, SQL Server 2005, and JavaScript technologies. Client-heavy architecture incorporates asynchronous JavaScript XML transfers (AJAX) and a suite of custom-developed .NET user controls. Integrates with Windows security and Microsoft Office tools to provide a seamless desktop application experience without need for local installation. Responsible for programming, interface design, and extensive data modelling to update a pre-existing application to modern database design and best practices.

Jobstores Network

A collection of 30+ job search and job matching websites for individual clients, running on one combined SQL Server 2000 database and shared ASP VBScript code base. Each one has a custom template including graphics, stylesheet, content and over 100 customized options. Extensive admin area allows for manual data control, while SQL Server and Windows services provide automatic administration for clients who wish it. Responsible for project management, system architecture design, programming, graphic design, data management, administration, and marketing. Instances include Construction Jobstores, WorkAble Solutions, and JobsNow Ontario.

Triumph Planning and Employment Services

Disability case management web application used throughout British Columbia; written in ASP.Net 1.1 on SQL Server 2000. Incorporates a robust billing system based on a complex set of changing business rules and case milestone requirements. Dozens of print-ready government reports and an ad-hoc reporting engine help manage statistics. Function-based security system with over 150 security settings provides custom access for a variety of user types. Custom .NET user controls and pages encapsulate application security and case management flow. Responsible for system design, programming, data maintenance and system administration.


Website design and ASP programming for a retail training website. Includes a complete content management suite with WYSIWYG editor and multi-level user access. Design uses Photoshop graphics, modern CSS techniques, and allows for easy adding and removing of page modules.

JobWave BC Online System

Web-based employment case management application used by hundreds of concurrent users all over the province. Provides complete end-to-end data capture and reporting, and secure synchronization with government database servers. Written in VBScript ASP and running on a SQL Server 2000 database. Responsible for programming new modules and performance tuning of existing ones.

Creative Discharge Online Art Project


An extension of a personal project I started in University, to help digital artists collaborate on their work. The idea was to complete works in stages, each stage completed by a different artist, perhaps strangers. It works on a library-book model; users sign out the work for two days then sign in the modified version. It also incorporates an online drawing tool for smaller works. The application was written in PHP on MySQL with a peppering of DHTML widgets.