Web Portfolio of Sarah Northway, Web Developer

Sarah Collins
Whoami Programming Webdesign Resume

When designing for the web I favour intuitive, modular interfaces combined with powerful database-driven content. Whenever possible I write HTML by hand, and use extensive CSS techniques to create designs that are flexible as well as beautiful.


Website design and ASP programming for a retail training website. Includes a complete content management suite with WYSIWYG editor and multi-level user access. Design uses Photoshop graphics, modern CSS techniques, and allows for easy adding and removing of page modules.

BC Employment Program Online System

Interface and client tools design for an employment case management system. Skinnable CSS design allows users to select from one of many interfaces by changing only the website's stylesheet. ASP.NET user controls encapsulate most functional elements, and use client-heavy JavaScript tools and AJAX updates for a true application feel.

Triton Logging

Website design and content management for an underwater logging company. Small e-commerce component written in ASP with a SQL Server 2000 database.

Workers Advisers Office Online System

ASP.NET Programming and interface design for worker safety case management application. Client-heavy architecture incorporates asynchronous JavaScript XML transfers (AJAX) and a suite of custom-developed .NET user controls. Despite the interface complexity, it conforms to high accessibility standards and is compatible with screen reading tools. Most HTML and design elements as encapsulated in .NET user controls for maximum modularity and reusability.

Construction Jobstores Network

Programming and webdesign of ten job search websites that form part of a greater network. They share a common database, ASP code base, and Macromedia Flash entry page. Each site has its own design layer including CSS stylesheet, images, navigation and content, that gives it the potential to look entirely different while providing the same functionality.

On-Tap Web Development

Design and content maintenance for a simple web development company website.

Okanagan Wines

Design and programming for a wine appreciation website. Database of wines, wineries and a calendar of events written in PHP and MySQL.

Astonishing Entertainment

Simple web design for a professional magician's website, including "magical" DHTML effects.

Women in Business Field of Dreams

Internet community for business women, re-designed, reformatted and converted to PHP. Static internet business directory converted to MySQL database system with maintenance utilities. Also includes content management tools such as dynamic sitemap and link validation.

Online BabyBook

Designed and developed a site for parents to host diaries of their baby's earliest moments. Programmed in PHP with a MySQL database supporting user accounts, template includes and image uploads. All graphics and characters created in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet.

BCHosting Website

Corporate website re-design with a high-tech look. All pages were refitted and some re-written in PHP with a MySQL database.


Corporate Identity, web design and order system programming for an adult hosting company. Database-driven e-commerce component written in PHP and MySQL. Design created in Photoshop 7 and hand-coded HTML.

Miss Kaija's Website and Little Miss Skyla's Website


Two fun, colourful designs inspired by the smiling girls' faces, and using some of the new features of Photoshop 7.

Eggs 4 Sale and Food Safe Course


Two simple single-page commercial websites for a single client. Chicken and rooster farm scene was custom drawn in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom tablet.