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Who Am I?

Me devouring a hapless turtlebun - Apr 07
Waiting on the tracks,
Sarah meets a turtle-bun;
Not a crumb remained.

Part geek, part hippie, my husband Colin and I are techno-nomads, travelling the world and writing indie games. I am the designer, programmer and artist for my own games. My first solo game Rebuild is a city building strategy game set during the Zombiepocalypse.

I grew up in Vancovuer BC; one of the warmest, rainiest parts of Canada. The summers are perfect, but the winters are dreary and make you think of Bladerunner or William Gibson novels (no wonder he lives there). In my youth I spent those winters (let's be honest, most summers too) reading and playing pc games. I got my B.Sc in comp sci and stuck around on Vancouver Island doing webdev for most of a decade, before moving to San Francisco to join the gaming industry at Three Rings.

Now we're off again, hopping from country to country, writing our own games and enjoying winters near the equator. Being from Vancouver has given me a fondness for the ocean, for rainforests and diverse cultures and good food. Turns out there are a lot of places in the world where we can find those things, and 3G Internet is making more of them accessible to us techno-nomads every day.

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